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Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine and Lameness Evaluation

Whether your horse is used for high level showing, trail riding, driving, or pleasure, our veterinarians are committed to being a part of your team to help your horse reach its potential. Sports medicine involves evaluation of the whole horse, from musculoskeletal soundness to airway evaluation to cardiovascular health. Our veterinarians use a systematic approach to lameness diagnosis, observing your horse in hand, on the longe line, or under saddle as necessary. A combination of diagnostic nerve blocks, joint blocks, and imaging may be used to diagnose the cause of your horse's lameness. Our veterinarians will work with you to form a treatment and rehabilitation plan to help you and your horse achieve your goals.

Prepurchase examination is recommended for any new horse. A prepurchase exam provides the buyer with an opinion of the horse's condition, based on the day of examination. A full prepurchase examination involves a full physical examination (eyes, heart, lungs, body condition) and soundness evaluation. Flexion tests will be performed to identify potential areas of lameness. Radiographs may be recommended depending on the results of flexion tests, the horse's history and intended use. Additional tests may include bloodwork, fecal test, endoscopy, or breeding soundness examination.