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Reproductive Services

The veterinarians at Willow Creek Equine provide a wide range of reproductive services for the mare, stallion, and foal. Mares can be managed for natural cover breeding or for artificial insemination with fresh, cooled, or frozen semen. Digital ultrasound is used for accurate pregnancy diagnosis and tracking of the mare's heat cycle. Breeding soundness evaluations can be performed on newly acquired mares, mares being bred for the first time, or mares with infertility problems. Mares who are being monitored closely for ovulation (for frozen semen breeding or otherwise) may be boarded at our facility in our heated three-stall barn to optimize insemination timing.

Services include:

  • Breeding management
  • Artificial insemination with fresh, cooled, or frozen semen
  • Deep-horn insemination
  • Semen evaluation on shipped samples
  • Pregnancy diagnosis
  • Breeding soundness evaluation
  • Infertility workup

Foal care:

  • New foal examinations
  • IgG testing and plasma administration